No Excuses! Dog Poop Cleanup Matters

Let’s explore a topic that involves not only cleanliness but also caring for your dog or dogs you work with and their environment…dog poop!

The Pet Medic Blog Why You Need to Pick Up Dog Poop

Have you heard the catchy phrase “Scoop the Poop”?

It serves as a reminder to clean up after your dog when it goes potty on public or private property (not your own).

While it may seem harmless, leaving dog waste unattended poses severe risks to our pets’ health, the community’s well-being, and our planet’s cleanliness.

Not picking up dog poop causes more problems than you may think, and dog waste problems continue to exist everywhere.

As a dog mom and pet industry professional, I have seen the negative impact not picking up your dog’s poop has on dog communities and the importance for dog parents to start taking responsibility for their own pets.

In this blog, you’ll uncover why picking up dog poop isn’t just a chore but a responsibility we owe to our beloved companions, the negative impacts not picking up after your dog can have, and more.

 This blog is about why you have to pick up your dog’s poop.

Why you need to pick up dog poop.

Sanitary and Health Reasons.

why pick up dog poop

Dog feces carry all sorts of diseases that affect your dog and can affect humans, too.

Dog poop can contain worms and is one of the most easily spread problems for dogs.

In the time it takes your dog to go over and smell the contaminated poop or eat it (yuck, but it happens), your dog can already become infected.

Yup, it’s that quick.

Along with worms, which are strictly dog-related issues, dog feces also carry Giardia, Salmonella, E. Coli, and the ever-deadly Parvovirus.

Some of these diseases caused by dog feces come with a severe health risk to your dog, contributing to hefty veterinary care service fees for treatments or putting your dog’s life at serious risk.

It’s important to know that humans have health risks from animal waste, so remember to wash your hands after cleaning up dog feces.

Fun fact about dog poop: one gram of dog feces contains about 23 million forms of bacteria, and other gross stuff can make you and your dog sick.

Dog Waste Pollution.

why you should pick up your dogs poop

Then how about the fact that dog poop contaminates water.

When the rain washes over the dog poop, the water runs into the drainage system.

The run-off causes the water to be spoiled, and that contaminated water flows into the local waterways…like the ocean.

Let’s add information about the pollution caused by dog feces to get your attention.

About 90% of the bacteria found in the waterways comes from dog poop.

Contamination From Insects.

what happens when you dont pick up your dogs poop

Another good reason you should pick up your dog’s poop is to control those pesky flies.

Flies consume dog poop and then lay eggs in dog feces.

Those same pesky little buggers can find their way into your house and spread disease when they land on any food or countertop.

Demonstrates Responsible Ownership.

reasons to pick up dog poop

Another solid argument why you should clean up your dog’s poop is demonstrating common courtesy and responsible pet ownership.

I have neighbors who walk or let their dogs run loose in the neighborhood and don’t bother to clean up any dog waste left behind.

Not bothering to clean up your dog’s poop when out for a walk or any public place you take your dog clearly demonstrates what a dickhead you are and the lack of respect you have for others.

I said what I said.

It’s essential to be considerate to one another (especially in the times we live in today) and clean up your dog’s mess.

You wouldn’t want your friend to come to your house, poop in your bathroom, and not flush, right?

Same concept, just a different species…or as my mother puts it, “it’s the same shit, just in different ways.”

You Can Get Fined For Not Picking Up Dog Poop.

picking up after your dog laws

What can happen if you don’t pick up your dog’s poop? You can get fined.


Some local ordinances, like the city of Philadelphia, PA, mandate that pet owners pick up their dogs’ waste or receive a fine. 


I live in Hawaii, and on July 1, 2019, Hawai’i enacted law H.B NO. 127, which “classifies allowing an animal under a person’s care or control to drop fecal matter on public or private property as littering.” 


Anyone found in violation will be fined a minimum of $100.00 but not more than $500.00, plus mandatory community service of picking up litter for four hours. 


That is just for first-time offenders.


If you are caught violating H.B. No 127 again, you will be subject to a $500.00 penalty fee and eight hours of community service. 


Why risk paying a fine and any additional penalties because you didn’t want to clean up after your dog?

It Encourages Non-Pet-Friendly Areas, Venues, and More.

why is it bad not to pick up dog poop

Not cleaning up your dog’s poop is a top reason why so many places do not allow pets on the premises.

Property or business owners don’t want to have to clean up after your dog, and rightfully so.

It’s unfair, disrespectful, and rude to force these individuals to take responsibility for cleaning up after your dog and expect them to be ok with it.

When dog owners don’t clean up after their pets in public places, these places become “non-pet-friendly” and prohibit pets from the premises or charge high fees, making it difficult for pet owners to bring them along.

why does dog poop need to be picked up

Remember that being a responsible pet owner means cleaning up after your pets.

By doing so, you are showing consideration for others and being a positive example in your community.

As a responsible dog owner, you must clean up after your pet.

Let this remind you to always do the right thing, even when it may not be the easiest choice.

This blog was about why you need to pick up your dog’s poop.

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