In-person Group Training

In-person group training are for pet industry professionals, rescue organizations, pet-related clubs, law enforcement, and emergency responders wanting in-house training for staff or members at a designated location.

Instructor will travel to the designated location and provide in-person training and all supplies required for group.

An instructor travel fee applies to in-person group training. Please contact The Pet Medic directly for instructor travel fee quote.

Training Schedule.

Training is one day (8 hours) or can be scheduled for 2 consecutive days, 4 hours each day.

Students are required to attend the scheduled training date and remain for entire class duration (no exceptions).

In-person Group Training is available during the week or weekends, subject to instructor availability, and must be scheduled in advance.

Training Fees.

Registration fee is as follows and covers entire group (not per person), regardless if one day or two days.

Group 1:  up to 5 people ($500)

Group 2: up to 10 people ($1000)

Group 3: up to 15 people ($1500)

All fees must be paid before any training sessions are confirmed and scheduled.

The Certified Pet First Aid and CPR intensive course curriculum includes: Pet first aid basics, Handling & transporting injured pets, Rescue Breathing & Pet CPR, Wound treatment & bandaging techniques, Common pet medical issues, Weather hazards for pets, Respiratory issues, Pet injuries, Head-to-Tail Checks, and Pet poisoning.

Upon successful completion of course and meeting all the course curriculum requirements, students will be awarded a 2-year Certification in First Aid & CPR for Dogs and Cats.

Animal Attendance for In-person Group Training

Due to insurance liability restrictions, no pets (dogs and cats) are permitted to attend in-person group class training sessions. This policy is strictly enforced to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants, both humans and animals.

Special Accommodations for Service, Working, or Therapy Animals

If you require the attendance of a service dog, state/city/county/government working dog, or therapy animal during a group in-person training session, please contact The Pet Medic ahead of the scheduled group training to discuss, make any necessary accommodations, and permit the instructor to inform business insurance company to maintain compliance with liability regulations.


Group 1: up to 5 people

Group 2: up to 10 people

Group 3: up to 15 people

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact The Pet Medic directly at or call (808) 724-4962.