About Me

My name is Bertha, also known as The Pet Medic.

The Pet Medic

I bring a unique blend of roles to the table-a twice Certified Pet First Aid & CPR/CPCR Instructor, a Pet Industry Professional, a Dog Mom, and a US Army Combat Veteran.

With a diverse background and passion for animals, my journey has been shaped by various roles and experiences in the pet industry.

My foray into the pet industry began with Kamp K9 Hawaii, where I not only provided exclusive overnight dog boarding services but also built a reputation for excellence in pet hospitality.

Expanding further into the pet industry, I became a dog mom blogger and, with my previous blog site, Aloha Dog Mom, was named one of the top 25 Dog Mom Blog Websites for three consecutive years.

Through my years working closely with dogs, I saw the lack of pet first aid training for pet parents and industry professionals. I decided it was time for a significant change and a new purpose.

After almost a decade in the pet industry, I made a strategic shift. I transitioned from being a dog mom blogger to a Certified Instructor, rebranding my platforms to The Pet Medic.

My new mission with The Pet Medic is not just a job, but a burning passion.

The Pet Medic Group Class
The Pet Medic In-Person Group Training

I am dedicated to educating and training, delivering top-notch Pet First Aid and CPR classes, because I believe that every pet owner and industry professional should have these life-saving skills.

My goal is not just to provide knowledge, but to replace the fear and panic many pet parents feel when faced with a sudden pet medical emergency with confidence and understanding.

I want to equip individuals with the essential and valuable skills to assist sick or injured dogs and cats, just as I would for my own.

The Pet Medic Group Class
Happy Dogs Maui Group Class

I’m often asked why I teach Pet First Aid and CPR, and my answer is simple: “I don’t teach this because I want you to have to perform first aid on your dog or cat. I teach this because I don’t want you to ever have an “if only” moment—if only I did this or if only I knew this.”

When I’m not conducting training or advancing my education, you can find me creating educational content for The Pet Medic’s Blog and social media platforms (TikTokInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest).